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This was originally published on Tumblr, but Posthaven proved to be a better fit for blogging, so my posts have been moved here.

I’ve been starting to write more about my observations on Medium. But even before writing a piece, it usually starts with an idea in my notebook. My ideas come from anywhere - things I observe on campus, when reading, or in everyday interactions. If I finding myself coming back to a topic and writing (obsessing?) about a specific topic more and more, I decide it’s time to write a blog post. 

The goal of this tumblr is to be the intermediary between my notes and my final posts. Writing has been a great way to solidify my thoughts and challenge my thinking. By posting my notes publicly, I hope to get feedback and really wrangle with these ideas. Not everything will make it to a post, but it’s a good exercise to go through nevertheless.

If you don’t know who I am already, my name is Niraj Pant. I’m a sophomore at UIUC and an external council member at Binary Capital. I like soccer, burritos, and the internet (well everyone does, but not everyone’s willing to admit it 😜). I enjoy conversing on twitter on just about everything. More about my past work here and here.

(+ shoutout to Kanyi Maqubela, whose college advice post was an inspiration for doing this; and Michael Dempsey, whose “notes” blog was an ideal model to follow)